Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Some quick updates from BA HQ ...

# American Craft Beer Fest

Join us in Boston on May 31 & June 1 for 600+ craft beers from 125+ American brewers!

Tickets are on sale now:

Save the date, tell your friends and buy yours today.

# Track the beers you Had, Want and Got

Did you know that you can track the beers you Had (with a quick rating), Want or Got? Simply find the beer and then Had, Want or Got (right hand side of the page) or give the beer a full Review (yes, use your words). You can then track the beers from lists accessible from your profile page. And soon you'll be able to do this, and much more, on your mobile devices!

# BeerAdvocate app?!

We're making progress! The beta web app will be put to the test at Extreme Beer Fest this week. To learn more:

# BeerAdvocate magazine

Checkout the latest issue of BA mag:

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Got Android? Get it on Google Play:

For more updates:

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